Student life
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Student life

Being a student is a completely life altering experience. Make sure you 100% love your student life with the support services, networks and activities available on and off campus.

Oh what a student life

You've thought a lot about your future, scrutinised NMIT programmes, talked to your parents, your friends or your partners about your options and you're ready to enter student life. And what a life it is. For a window of time, you have the chance to devote yourself almost entirely to learning a vocation that will provide the foundation for the rest of your life. 

A new set of study responsibilities

Student life is different for everyone. For some it will be your first time away from your parent's home. Others will manage being a student with existing work commitments or responsibilities in the home. There will be new challenges for you to overcome such as finances, accommodation, meeting new people, and managing deadlines. 

Receive student support and advice every step of the way

At NMIT, we understand the changes you are facing. We want to help you at every turn so that you 100% love your student experience, so go on - Participate in one of our fun on campus activities held throughout the year. Find a study buddy or two and create opportunities for getting to know people. Ask for help with your personal and study needs at the first sign of stress, including help with studying for exams, and finding a part time job.  

Be wholehearted at NMIT and embrace it all. We'll guide you every step of the way.

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