PISC (STCW) Proficiency in Survival Craft
Level 5

PISC (STCW) Proficiency in Survival Craft

SCC511 PISC (STCW) Proficiency in Survival Craft

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  • Locations and dates


    29 June 2020
    17 August 2020
    21 September 2020
    2 November 2020
  • Length

    5 consecutive days, 8.30am – 5pm
  • Fees

    Tuition: $1965.00
    Student levy: $30.00
  • Credits


Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (excluding Fast Rescue Boats)


  • Be physically fit and capable of participating in the practical training component
  • Have a current medical examination certificate issued by an approved General Practitioner such as Seafarers Medical or equivalent
  • Provide evidence of STCW Basic Training or SBT311 or equivalent

Course Aim

To develop proficiency of skills for survival at sea, including managing the launch and use of survival and rescue craft, and managing survivors and signalling for help.

This course meets the requirements of STCW 1978 as amended, A-VI/2-1

Course Content

  • Topic 1: Take charge of a survival craft or rescue boat during and after launch 
  • Topic 2: Survival Craft Operation
  • Topic 3: Signalling
  • Topic 4: First Aid

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