Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management
Level 8

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management

  • Fees Free eligible programme

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  • Locations and dates


    13 July 2020
    21 September 2020
    30 November 2020
    22 February 2021
    3 May 2021
    12 July 2021
    20 September 2021
    29 November 2021


    13 July 2020
    22 February 2021
    12 July 2021
  • Length

    32 teaching weeks plus 10 weeks of study breaks

  • Total credits


  • Fees

    2020/2021: $7,500 plus $240 Student Services Levy

    Fees listed are for each year of the programme, indicative only and may vary with course selection. View course details for individual fees.

  • National qualification code

    3785 - Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management

Online programme.

Get started with Postgraduate study and pathway onto the Master of Applied Management

This programme is the first 12 months of the Master of Applied Management.

Work and world ready

  • Take your career to the management level
  • Learn management practices to apply in your field
  • Receive quality supervision from leading industry practitioners
  • Meet industry experts from a wide range of sectors
  • Achieve a coursework Masters with a practical focus and industry

You will learn

  • How to build a strong organisation on a large scale
  • Effective ways to guide your people through change
  • Techniques for managing complexity
  • How to profit from current and future technologies

All degree holders are eligible to apply

NMIT offers open entry for holders of a degree in any subject area.

Pathway onto our Master programme

A student pursuing the Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management is required to complete four core courses and two to four electives across a range of areas. Add just two terms* (< six months) with a research pathway and you can graduate with a Master of Applied Management.

*International students require a new visa if they choose to add two terms to their study to graduate with a Master of Applied Management.

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