New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology)
Level 3

New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) (Level 3)

  • Locations and dates


    23 July 2018
    Employment Scholarship Programme
    25 February 2019
    Employment Scholarship Programme
    22 July 2019
    Employment Scholarship Programme


    2 May 2019
    Employment Scholarship Programme
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  • Fees

    Employment Scholarship Programme: $895

    Fees listed are for each year of the programme, indicative only and may vary with course selection. Exact fees provided on request or application.

  • National qualification code

    NZ2452 - New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) (Level 3)

Knock their socks off with your newfound knowledge in business administration


Find out how you can
study this programme online(external link)
through TANZ eCampus

Do you work in administration and want to receive a formal qualification? Are you returning to work after time away? Have you recently left school, think business administration is the way to go, and love the sound of interning? 

Learn by doing with this fully integrated Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) designed for people who are already in work or those who are currently unemployed.

You will gain the skills, knowledge and attributes needed to work in a variety of supervised general office administration roles.

Two modes of delivery

  • Employment Scholarship Programme (ESP) - You can apply for the ESP programme if you
    1) are currently employed for a minimum of 10 hours a week in a business administration or retail position
    2) want to work in a business administration role, and need help to find a job
    To apply, please fill in the ESP Application Form(external link), and we will contact you for an interview.
  • Internship programme - This full-time programme is ideal for people who want to gain qualifications to work in an office. We will prepare you through in class learning and on-the-job training.
    To apply, please fill in the Internship Programme application form and we will contact you for an interview.

What our students and industry have said...

“I thought I would be plonked in a class full of school leavers and was relieved to see there was a real mix of ages." - Rocky Satherley

“If you are new, going into an office job and don’t have the necessary admin skills, ESP is great.” - Sarah Flynn

“Definitely do it! The Employment Scholarship Programme gives you paid work experience and an education, what most people don’t get in a regular class.” - Thalia Zanoni

"It has saved me so much time and work, from the selection to the interview process. Also, having NMIT staff involved has relieved me of some of the responsibility for mentoring new staff.” - Robyn Grant from Duncan Cotterill Lawyers

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