Graphic Design: Branding and Identity
Level 5

Graphic Design: Branding and Identity

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    5 March 2018
    14 May 2018
    23 July 2018
    2 October 2018
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  • Length

    18 weeks part time

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  • Fees

    $276.00 plus $40.00 Student Services Levy fee

    Fees listed are for each year of the programme, indicative only and may vary with course selection. Exact fees provided on request or application.

  • National qualification code

    NE4844 - Graphic Design: Branding and Identity

This graphic design online course introduces you to the principles of branding and identity design.

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Using the latest software, this course enables you to develop practical design and creative thinking skills through exciting projects relevant to the design industry such as rebranding of an existing company or design a new brand for your own company.

Delve into the theory of branding design, and develop an understanding of what makes a brand from the perspective of graphic design.

This programme can be taken as a one off course for people who want to increase their knowledge in this particular area, as an elective course for students already studying on the NMIT Bachelor of Arts and Media, or as a taster course for people considering further study in the Creative Industries.

What will I learn?

  • Develop, explore, document and communicate ideas within the context of branding design projects, and experiment with a range of digital media and graphic design approaches, materials and tools in the development of project work.
  • Create branding design solutions using selected specialist digital media and graphic design techniques and software in set projects.
  • Investigate, critically analyse and discuss key historical and contemporary theoretical and philosophical ideas and issues surrounding branding design, and the influence of social, economic, technological and political forces on art/ design practices using set criteria.
  • Use a wide range of research skills, strategies and methodologies and information from a diverse range of sources to select, discuss and present relevant historical and theoretical information related to branding design practices and their application to studio/theoretical projects;  use terminology appropriately and present assignments to the required academic standards.

Student testimonials

I have been working in the graphic design and layout industry for over 15 years, however with no formal graphic design qualifications, I had never felt that confident in branding design. When I discovered that NMIT was offering a short course in Branding Design, I knew it would be a great opportunity to learn and understand the specific design process for branding. The course showed me how to come up with initial concepts and develop them further into a final design. I found the course really interesting, easy to follow, and with great online resources. My tutor, Klaas, was always supportive and easy to get in contact with for any questions I had. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting to delve into this exciting area of graphic design. - Annikka Pugh, Westport

I found that by completing the NMIT online Branding course I was able to learn the most important foundations of graphic design in regards to branding. I now have a much greater understanding of how graphic design works in the real world and have used terminology learnt on the course in job interviews which has given me huge confidence. I find myself looking at every logo and design I see now with a stronger appreciation. Jessica Shirley, Nelson


The online design courses gave me a great introduction to graphic design at NMIT. It showed me how to use Adobe Illustrator and Indesign to create and develop my designs; and has given me a foundation of skills which I am now developing with further study in Creative Industries. - Dean Hayton, Nelson

I found the branding and identity course a great platform that extended my knowledge and practice surrounding branding design. With multiple briefs I was able to use a range of skills that implemented the final outcome to each project. The activities surrounding the specific papers all informed the process well, as rewarding and enjoyable exercises. Accessible resources allowed me to look further into branding design, gaining knowledge through research. Overall I believe the course was very beneficial to my development as a graphic designer.  - Lyndsey Cassidy. Dunedin

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