Avionics 1 (Level 6)

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    Off Campus:

    14 January 2019
    2 April 2019
    2 July 2019
    1 October 2019
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    Course fee is $106

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  • National qualification code

    NE4899 - Avionics 1 (Level 6)

Apply knowledge of avionics to the certification of aeronautical maintenance

This is a stand alone Training Scheme. The content is part of the New Zealand Diploma in Aeronautical Maintenance Certification. You can apply for the whole diploma or successfully complete each separate Training Scheme.

This Training Scheme enables you to develop and apply the knowledge required for CAA AME Licence Subject 11, Avionics.

You will cover:

  • Aircraft measuring instruments
  • Pitot-static systems
  • Gyroscopes
  • Circuit protection and control devices
  • Wiring installations
  • Communication and navigation systems

This Training Scheme is studied online so you can continue working at the same time.

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