Saleem Ali
Nautical Tutor

Saleem Ali

Capt Saleem Ali
Saleem is passionate about life-long learning.

Captain Saleem Ali has sailed for more than 20 years as a Maritime Officer including as Master on numerous types of vessels. These have ranged from Product Carriers to General Cargo Vessels, PCC’s, Bulk Carriers, large Container Vessels, LNG/LPG Tankers, Offshore DP Vessels, Drilling Rigs, Research and Exploration Vessels, FPSO/MODU and heavy lifts.

Saleem adds a wealth of knowledge to the Maritime team in IMINZ at NMIT. 

He has also done numerous consulting projects for commercial organisations, regulatory agencies and industrial bodies operating in the maritime domain.

"I am passionate about philosophy of life-long learning and presently engaged in implementation and analysis of open source software systems and distributed ledger technologies in maritime transport and logistics operations.”

MBA (Global Finance), France
Master Mariner Unlimited, U.K
Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, MOOC/USA
PGD (Shipping, Ports and Infrastructure), India

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