Cliff Fell
Diploma in Writing for Creative Industries Tutor

Cliff Fell

cliff fell diploma in writing for creative industries coordinating tutor
Cliff Fell began teaching Creative Writing at NMIT in 2005.

Graduates from his programme now work as writers in various roles in local industry, some as journalists and media writing specialists. Many of his students have had work published in local and national journals, achieved success in competitions or gone on to have books published. Others have progressed into study in the Master of Creative Writing programme at Victoria University of Wellington, or similar writing programmes.

In 2012 Cliff developed the new Diploma in Writing for Creative Industries, a one year programme that allows students to explore and develop their writing skills as a vocation, with a strong focus on transferable writing skills, using new media and establishing a strong writing CV. The teaching in this programme is largely experiential and project-focused. “The course is really dynamic and lots of fun to teach,” he says. “From almost day one, students work, with guidance and support of course, on local industry-based projects, both in teams and individually, and covering a range of genres. At the same time, they are able to pursue their personal aspirations as a writer, whether it is to write the next block-buster, a collection of poems or even develop a computer games script and app.”

Cliff’s own writing CV includes a prize-winning poetry collection, fiction writing, nonfiction and reviewing. His work has been widely published in New Zealand and in journals and anthologies in Australia, the UK and the USA and profiled in the TVNZ programme Bookmarks. He has been recognised by a Creative New Zealand award and has performed his work in venues and festivals around New Zealand, including a reading with Viggo Mortensen in the week of the premiere of The Return of the King. His discovery, in 2006, of lines Bob Dylan lifted from the Roman poet, Ovid, for his Modern Times recording, was reported in the international press and continues to circulate on the internet.

Master of Arts in Creative Writing, He Whariki, Level 1 Te Reo, Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults, Bachelor of Arts, (Combined Honours in History and Archaeology), Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults

2017 - Nominee for the Sarah Broom Poetry Prize(external link).

Recent research outputs

  • Fell, C. (2014). The Good Husbandwoman’s Alphabet [An illustrated long poem], Last Leaf Press
  • Fell, C. & Crump, B. (2013). Arts: Poetry [Radio broadcasts]. Radio New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Fell, C. (2013). And then we speak(external link) [Poem]. Tuesday Poem.
  • Fell, C. (2013). Chagall in Vitebsk [Poem]. Shenadoah: The Washington and Lee University Review, 62(2): 24-25.
  • Fell, C. (2013). Voicetracks & Shout ha to the sky(external link) [Review]. Landfall Review Online.
  • Bush, R., Fell, C., Rafills, M. & Wallace, L. (2013). [Poetry readings]. NZ Book Month, Nelson, New Zealand.
  • Fell, C. (2013). [Poetry reading]. Nelson Live Poets 20 Year Anniversary, Nelson, New Zealand.
  • Fell, C. (2013). [Musical performance]. Livestock Festival, Nelson, New Zealand.
  • Fell, C. & Bathgate, G. (2013). Roots folk and the rest [Musical performance]. Nelson, New Zealand.
  • Fell, C., Hawken, D., Newton, J. & Wedde, I. (2013). [Poetry readings]. New Zealand Poet Laureate: Going Home, Millennium Gallery, Blenheim, New Zealand.
  • Fell, C. & Newton, J. (2013). The Adulterators [Poetry & music events]. Nelson, New Zealand.
  • Fell, C. & Wallace, L. (2013). [Poetry readings at book launch]. Enough, The Freehouse, Nelson, New Zealand.
  • Fell, C. (2012). The adulterer becomes a roadie for the clash and thinks about sleeping with their girlfriends & (from) the M at the end of the earth. Anthology of New Zealand Literature, Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland University Press
  • Fell, C. (2012, May). Particular tongues, Landfall Review Online.
  • Fell, C. (2012). I have tried to write you & to This., Sport, 40(1), 328-329.
  • Fell, C. (2012). On speed-reading the classics & Prayer for the rose of tralee: A cento., Broadsheet, 9, 11.
  • Fell, C. (2012). Couch stories: Overseas experience [Poetry]. The Granary, Founders Park, Nelson, New Zealand.
  • Fell, C., Fox, A., Kendrick, D., Nock, T., Norvick, T., Sanders, R. & Trill, V. (2012, February 18). So hum rap [Musical performance]. Evolve Festival, Nelson, New Zealand.

Current research

  • At least one poem is due to appear in Australia’s Griffith Review Pacific Highway edition, edited by Lloyd Jones
  • Regular conversations about poetry on ‘Nights with Bryan Crump’ on Radio New Zealand National


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