Beth Endres
Conservation Coordinator

Beth Endres

Beth Endres
Beth Endres helps manage the conservation programmes that NMIT and the Department of Conservation (DoC) deliver in partnership.

She also teaches on certain Field Skills courses and facilitates employment connections between NMIT’s Trainee Ranger students and the conservation industry.

Originally from the United States, Beth initially worked in horticultural research, primarily as a plant physiologist for US companies Pioneer Hi-Bred and, later, the North Willamette Research and Extension Center which is affiliated with the Oregon State University.

Beth began teaching at Eastern Institute of Technology in 2006 and joined NMIT in 2009. She taught various biology courses ranging from genetics to plant biology. These days, her teaching focus is on bush monitoring and plant identification workshops that are delivered throughout the country.

“I love the varied nature of the teaching that I do.  I never know if I will need to change my course delivery due to weather, student needs or even the location! I believe that learning should be an adventure - I see my role as guiding students on their learning,” she says.

Beth has been involved in the several research projects including:
•    pre-emergence herbicide trials
•    Phytophthora root rot and canker studies
•    nutrient deficiency effects
•    pesticide and beneficial insect effects on pest insect populations
•    Phytophthora resistance
•    Pieris breeding
•    sunflower resistance to Sclerotinia
•    Rodent herbivory on endemic bulb species in Frey Jorge National Park, Chile
•    Alstroemeria dormancy patterns and vernalization requirements

Master of Science - Plant Biology; Bachelor of Science - Geo-Ecology

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