Why do a degree with NMIT?

Why do a degree with NMIT?

Before we launch into our reasons why you should do a degree with NMIT, we’d like to ask you a question. What does getting a bachelor degree mean for you? Job security, money, time to learn new skills?

For years, we’ve been told to get a good education

Ideally a university education. Doing this will lead to better job prospects, a larger pay packet and long term job security. But we all know the world has changed a great deal since the Goodnight Kiwi. Haere channel one and two, rabbit ears and vacuum tubes. Kia ora online video and TV streaming for binge watching your favourite series. Life has evolved … you get our drift.

A bachelor degree meant something very different in the 70s, 80s and 90s compared to now. Our reasons for learning have altered. Where the bachelor degree was once perceived as a status symbol and sign of higher intelligence, it is now a fundamental need. If you want to get a job that pays above minimum wage, that is.

In 1992, NMIT asked the question posed to you in our introduction

We created a degree level qualification, for the first time, that hoped to address the answers. Since this time we have adapted our approach based on feedback from people from all walks of life. Some seeking a new way to learn and achieve. Some at the peak of their profession.

The result today is a style of education focused on you - the learner. This approach differs from that of traditional learning institutes and universities. 

What getting a degree from NMIT could mean for you

NMIT degrees focus on applied learning

Applied learning is learning by doing. We recognised the value of the apprenticeship model early on. We've adapted this model and now offer you practical opportunities such as work placements and internships. This is a great way for key skills to 'sink in'. As the saying goes: Knowledge is cool, but action is power.

NMIT degrees look and feel like the real world

‘Class time’ at NMIT looks different to the lecture halls of a university. At NMIT, nursing students monitor heart rates at our on campus clinic with six hospital beds. Creative industry students work on art projects in studio spaces. These spaces transform into galleries for end of year exhibitions. Viticulture students prune the vine by hand. They experiment with new varieties and flavours in the lab. We have invested in modern facilities that simulate the working environment.

NMIT degrees are dynamic and flexible

Twenty-first century learning is all about flexibility. Known in education circles as ‘blended learning’, it means we fit around you as much as possible. We want to make it easy for you to achieve your goals. Many of our degrees are online with some face-to-face class time. Work and study. Raise your family and study. Play your favourite MMO all night, sleep in till noon and study. Be at one with your circadian rhythm.

NMIT degrees come with committed tutors who see your talents

We maintain small class sizes so that our tutors have the time to get to know you. Once we know who you are, what your goals are, and how your brain works, it’s easier to tailor learning to your strengths. If you’re struggling, we have a grasp on why and can guide you back onto your path.

NMIT degrees offer clear pathways and outcomes

We've created ‘graduate profiles’ for all degree programmes in collaboration with industry. Sounds creepy but it’s not. These profiles have helped us build pathways to success. Your chosen path has specific outcomes needed for your industry. Say you decide to study IT. At the end of year one you will have enough knowledge to apply for entry-level IT support roles. By the end of year two you will be able to work on more complex IT systems. By the time you graduate, you will be an IT professional.

NMIT degrees lead to jobs after graduation

A high percentage of NMIT graduates land their dream job straight out of study. Why? Remember the term, learning by doing, used earlier? Your simulated classroom, your work placement, or your internship builds a strong foundation. It gives industry employers a chance to see you in action, using the skills you are acquiring. It makes it easier for them to hire you. 

And the icing on the cake ...

NMIT degrees have credibility globally

You don’t have to go to uni to work as a professional overseas anymore. An NMIT degree is approved at the highest Category 1 standard by NZQA and holds up well against leading educational institutions all around the world. Stand shoulder to shoulder with industry peers, head held high.

NMIT degrees say yes to overseas travel

If you’re completing a degree with NMIT, then you're eligible to apply for our study abroad programme. Age doesn’t matter as long as you're in your second or third year of a degree. NMIT has 60 partner institutes in America alone! Also three in Germany, one in Norway and two in Japan, and this list is likely to grow. Pay your normal NMIT tuition fees. Continue to receive StudyLink loans and allowances.

NMIT offers 10 bachelor degree programmes in a range of fields:

Bachelor of Sport and Recreation
Bachelor of Arts and Media
Bachelor of Aquaculture and Marine Conservation
Bachelor of Social Work
Bachelor of Counselling
Bachelor of Nursing
Bachelor of Viticulture and Winemaking
Bachelor of Information Technology
Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Career Development

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