Ten reasons why studying abroad will change your life

Ten reasons why studying abroad will change your life

Our Student Exchange programme is open to second and third-year students completing a bachelor degree*. There is no age limit on applying. We do our best to find an institution that has courses that match up with your study area, and we’re here to guide the process from start to finish.

Ten reasons to complete a foreign exchange with NMIT

1. Your passport to new adventures

Head to a concert in the city. Check out museums and galleries. Go to a cultural festival. Stroll through forests with different wildlife, flora and fauna. Try new types of food. Each country and institute offers fresh and exciting adventures for you to experience.

2. Deeper understanding of cultural differences

Studying abroad will shape your understanding of how societies interact. Also how culture impacts on the world. You’ll have exposure to different ways of being and perceiving. Likewise, you’ll learn what influences a nation and what inspires its citizens. You’ll learn from these cultures. Gain a global perspective. You may even learn a new language.

3. Study your academic field in a new environment

Gain access to new environments and expertise. Student exchange provides new fieldwork opportunities. Nelson is a small regional town. Imagine heading to a big city or engaging with multinational corporations.

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Aquaculture facilities at Humboldt State University.

4. Gain access to large, resource rich institutions

North of San Francisco lives Humboldt State University in Eureka California. Humboldt State University is one of NMIT’s 60 partner institutes in America. This place is huge! The institute has its own on-campus aquarium for Aquaculture students. It also has the R/V Coral - a marine research and teaching vessel. Imagine spending your days on the North Pacific Ocean growing marine industry experience. For creative industries students, Humboldt has an incredible Art and Design faculty. Also an impressive jewellery studio. This is one of many placements you could do. Pretty cool huh. 

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Impressive jewellery studio at Humboldt State University. 

5. Make professional connections for the future

One of the coolest things about study abroad is your opportunity to network. Your fellow students. Your tutors. They may be great contacts for your future career. The lectures you attend. The seminars. The events hosted by the thinkers and doers in your industry will inspire and motivate.

6. Make lifelong friends with folk from around the world

You’ll meet other exchange students who come from different parts of the world. They'll have common interests and together you'll share unique experiences. These new friends may become lifelong friends. You may end up with somewhere to stay if you go back and visit years later - nice!

7. Grow as a person

Learn new things about yourself and what you are capable of achieving. On exchange you will sometimes need to go beyond your comfort zone and you will come back knowing more about what makes you who you are and what you want out of life.

8. Get international tuition and only pay NMIT fees

Whilst you are completing part of your degree at an NMIT partner university you will only need to pay your normal NMIT tuition fees (you can still receive your StudyLink loans and allowances too!). The savings are well into the thousands.

9. Learn to fend for yourself

Become more independent. Cook your own meals. Wash your own dishes. Manage your finances. Organise and take control of your life away from the safety of home and your parents. It will feel a bit scary at first but you’ll learn to trust yourself and enjoy the experience.

10. America, Germany and Japan at your fingertips

Choose to study at one of approximately 60 universities in the USA, three in Germany, one in Norway and two in Japan. These are top universities too, not only technical institutes.

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Humboldt State University in Eureka California is one of many institutes you can study at. 

Register your interest today and let’s get the conversation started. Contact Caroline Holland or fill out the registration form on our Student Exchange page.

*All bachelor degrees except Nursing.

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