Talkin' bout a caring revolution

Talkin' bout a caring revolution

NMIT is building a culture where caring comes first. It’s about learning and growing, sharing skills and knowledge, and your success in the world.
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Pauline Carson
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Stuart Campbell

A common complaint among students is that tertiary education policy is geared toward nothing more than 'bums on seats'. Once enrolled, the caring ends. Boxes are ticked. Assessments made. A grade awarded and out you go.    

NMIT doesn't work that way. We work from the inside out. For us, caring matters. So much so, we're starting a caring revolution in tertiary education. 

We spoke to Stuart Campbell, Teaching, Learning and Assessment Coach at NMIT and Pauline Carson, Principal Academic Staff Member for Arts, Media and Digital Technologies at NMIT for their thoughts on the title of this blog. In what ways does NMIT show its students that it cares more? Three things stood out. 

1. We care about your learning and growth

“For good learning to take place, you’ve really got to get to know your students. You’ve got to learn what makes them tick - what works for them and what doesn’t work for them.”

  • Experience interactive workshops in small groups rather than lectures in a hall with 100 to 150 students
  • Complete practical assessments focused on what you produce rather than what you regurgitate
  • Receive all of the resources you’ll ever need to complete your study to the best of your ability
  • NMIT tutors have the mind-set that everybody can achieve. We’re not all going to achieve the same things, but we can all achieve.

2. We care about sharing skills and knowledge

“Often students are unaware of the time and energy that goes on behind the scenes to ensure teachers are relevant and current, and also the effort that goes into sharing good practice.”

  • Industry experts without prior teaching experience enrol on the Certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching. This gives them a forum for sharing good practice.
  • NMIT holds a learning and teaching fair twice per year for tutors. They volunteer something they are really proud of in their teaching to share with other tutors
  • We schedule regular Sharing Good Practice sessions and also maintain a staff blog filled with teaching resources designed to improve quality of learning
  • Staff participate in ‘learning walks’. Tutors sit in on each other’s sessions for 5 to 10 minutes and get tips and inspiration that they can use in their own practice.

3. We care about your success in the world

“There’s been a big shift in the way we’re doing things. Our courses involve a lot of interaction through workshop scenarios, work placements and internships.” 

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