Support from tutors makes studying sport and exercise at NMIT “feel just like a family”

Support from tutors makes studying sport and exercise at NMIT “feel just like a family”

Studying at NMIT has given sport and exercise student Cheyenne du Plessis clarity about what she wants to do for a career.

Despite growing up in a sporting family and competing in athletics, Cheyenne didn’t know what she wanted to study after finishing high school.

But a chance encounter with an NMIT fitness tutor who presented at her high school helped Cheyenne decide to study for a New Zealand Diploma in Sport Recreation and Exercise.

She says the tutor was extremely knowledgeable and inspired her to consider sport and exercise as a potential career.

She also took part in NMIT’s ‘Student for a Day’ initiative, which gave her a taste of what the course would be like. That’s what sealed the deal.

Now in her second year of the diploma course (Level 6), Cheyenne says she’s loving the balance of theory and practical elements of the programme.

“I like the hands-on experience because it helps me make sense of the theory.”

At Level 6, students develop their knowledge and understanding of the health and fitness industry through vocational, project-based learning in the community combined with theory and professional practice.

Cheyenne says one of the best things about studying at NMIT is the support she receives from the tutors

“The great thing is that tutors know our names, they know who we are, they care about us and they follow up and make sure we’re alright. They also made the transition from college to NMIT so easy,” Cheyenne says.

“We have about 25-30 people in class and our fitness group is just like a family, they’re so supportive.”

She also enjoys the variety of activities she gets to experience on the course, and the excellent facilities available for students to use.

“We get out in the community, one day we can be at Rabbit Island and then at Tahuna Beach.  We also use the Tasman Performance Facility, and a lot of the time the Tasman Mako are training there. I feel really lucky that we can use that facility.”

The most important thing for Cheyenne is that studying NMIT has helped to give her clarity around what she wants to do once she’s graduated.

 “Before this programme I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, perhaps PE teaching, but now I’m really interested in working in a sports physio department with high-performing athletes and I also have an interest in the rehabilitation of injuries.”

Cheyenne says she would definitely recommend the NMIT diploma programme to anyone interested in working in the sport and exercise industry.

“If you want that one-on-one experience, I’d recommend NMIT”.

Learn more about the New Zealand Diploma in Sport Recreation and Exercise programme here.

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