Scholarship winner loving work

Scholarship winner loving work

Richard Waddington was the 2017 Airbus Miles Hunter Scholarship winner and shares his experiences since starting his work placement.

Richard Waddington says:

After completing the aeronautical engineering training with NMIT, the final stage in the course is work based training. I applied and chose to work with a general aviation company in Nelson, where I am currently working and enjoying!

The relevance of the training provided by NMIT quickly became apparent. The skills and knowledge I had just been studying were immediately being used on my placement and it was time to try to remember what we had been taught. The aircraft that we train on at NMIT are very similar to the aircraft I now work with every day. For example, the familiarity of the flight controls on the Cessna became an instant help when I had my first jobs on an airworthy Cessna aircraft. The knowledge and practices in the maintenance phase set me up extremely well to integrate into the workplace.

I think the training when applied to real world General Aviation can become an invaluable asset to help in your work based training, helping you get your first job and to assist you in the early stages of your career.  

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