Pure Vision Properties by Binxin Dai

Pure Vision Properties by Binxin Dai

Visual Identity project, completed as part of the Bachelor of Arts and Media

Design for a real estate company

In the last ten years economic development in Hubei province has grown quickly because of its central location and it is convenient for travel with many new high-rise developments. Because of this, Wuhan is an international metropolis that has good development prospects.

Pure Vision Properties is a real estate company in Wuhan city in Hubei province.
They sell single apartments that target customers over the age of 22 in the Chinese market. Their brand name is Pure Vision.
The focus of this design work is a visual identity for the company. How can a real estate company stand out in a city of 10 million people? A minimalist approach is popular with young people for selling products, but is not common for a real estate company. Minimalism is Pure Vision Properties point of difference.

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