Pareto Business Solutions (PBS)

Pareto Business Solutions (PBS)

Pareto Business Solutions (PBS) is a collegiate business consultancy; all consulting members are NMIT students or graduates. This passionate team provide consulting services to local businesses in the Nelson Tasman region.

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The PBS team is diverse! Since its founding in 2019, over 30 NMIT’s students have been selected, trained, and involved in the execution of real-world consulting projects.

Many members have had careers prior to commencing Postgraduate study at NMIT. Current members have backgrounds in Engineering, Economics, IT, Property Investment, Journalism, Project management and Finance.

PBS does not only hire Postgraduate students. Their youngest member is a domestic student in her first year of the Bachelor of Commerce.

Selection process

The selection process to join PBS is challenging and comparable to competitive graduate programmes. Applicants can expect to undergo an assessment centre with a group case and an interview. New recruits complete an induction project as an “Aspirant” before being confirmed as a permanent member of PBS. This results in a highly motivated and professional team.

PBS projects

The PBS team actively engage with the Nelson Tasman business community to discover new opportunities to provide consultancy services. The team’s goal is to create value and win-win situations by connecting young professionals from NMIT with local businesses who can benefit from fresh thinking & impartial views from multidisciplinary teams.

To date they have completed paid projects for Port Nelson and NRDA.

A bridging programme

Pareto Business Solutions see themselves as a bridge between study and work. Creating opportunities for members to apply the skills they are learning in the classroom and gaining valuable work experience and networks.

“When our members get full time employment outside of PBS they become alumni. It is bitter-sweet when members move on, but it’s inevitable, and creates opportunities for new students to join the team.” – Anoushka Silva, Head of Internal Affairs at PBS

PBS members gain opportunities for

  • Practical work experience: Students gain practical work experience by creating value for various local businesses in the Nelson Tasman region.
  • Application of academic knowledge to real-world business cases: Obtained academic knowledge and expertise are applied to business cases in different areas, such as logistics, marketing, management, research, etc.
  • Network development: Students gain an opportunity to build a network with local businesses and institutions that can be crucial for future career prospects.
  • Work in a diverse environment: The PBS team consists of young professionals from a wide range of disciplines and competences.
  • Build business consulting and project management knowledge: At PBS, multiple training workshops and internal projects are conducted for members to learn, improve skills in different aspects.
  • Creating their success story: A unique opportunity to gain achievement-based New Zealand work experience and enhance their personal resume.

Find out more

Find out more about PBS on their website.(external link)

Find out more about the NMIT business qualifications that PBS members studied in the Business section of our website.

Member testimonials

PBS member photo - Alex
Alex Bazaiev, Masters of Applied Management Graduate and PBS Associate

"PBS is an incredible experience of participating in real projects and creating value for the region by bridging young talents and local businesses. Thanks to our collegiate approach, based on creating value and achieving a win-win situation as our contribution to the local community, many interesting and different projects have been made. Examples include Port of Nelson or projects for the Ministry of Social Development. This is a real opportunity not only to put your knowledge and skills into practice but also to get acquainted with local businesses. Needless to say, the delights of communicating in a multinational team with a different cultural and business background. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts". This is our team! - Alex Bazaiev


PBS member - Grace
Grace Gray, Bachelor of Commerce student and PBS Associate

“I was not sure what to expect when I joined PBS, being new to study and the youngest on the team. However, PBS immediately made me feel like family - supporting me and helping me expand my knowledge base, as well as helping me make strong connections in the local business world. PBS has helped me close the gap between being a student and a businesswoman and given me the confidence I need to excel in my local community. Thank you, PBS.” - Grace Gray

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