Hairdressing Competition 2016

Hairdressing Competition 2016

Students from our first and second year Hairdressing programmes took part in the annual NMIT Hairdressing Competition.

This year’s theme was ‘Fantasia’ with three different events:

  • First year ‘Fantasia’ style
  • Second year cut and colour on a manikin
  • Second year ‘Fantasia’ avant-garde style
kayla jolly mad hatter hair style
Model Lee Christoffersen with hair, makeup and costume by Kayla Jolly.

Kayla Jolly – Mad Hatter

Kayla sculpted a hat out of her models hair for her take on the Fantasia theme of Mad Hatter and rick racked the rest of the hair as prep.

“I always practice on my manikin at home every chance I get, I created a hat, which then grew into today’s design,” said Kayla.

Kayla was working full time at Countdown before she started the Hairdressing course. It was a scary step to go back to study, but Kayla didn’t want to have any regrets so joined NMIT full time this year. “I love it,” she said. “It's my passion and makes me happy. My tutor is such an inspiration her passion shines through."

Kayla’s ultimate goal would be to apply for World Skills which is a prestigious programme for hairdressers from all over the world, “that would be amazing if I could do that,” she said.

sally arbuckle ice queen hair style
Model Hannah Ryan with hair, makeup and costume by Sally Arbuckle.

Sally Arbuckle – Ice Queen

Sally Arbuckle started her hairdressing qualification 6 years ago before taking a break and working as a Bar Manager and raising her four children. But now, with loving support from her husband and family, she is back to finish what she started.

When asked what inspired her design Sally said, “I love winter, ice and snow, but also wanted to bring in an ‘evil/dark’ side to all of that – so Ice Queen really worked well. The technique I used is called rick racking, which involved putting wires in the models hair the day before the competition. I also spent heaps of time poking around second hand shops for the right props to go in the style.”

After completing her qualification, Sally would love to get straight into the industry with the aspiration to open her own salon one day.

chrystal carter cut and colour on a manikin
Cut and colour on a manikin by Chrystall Carter

Chrystal Carter – Cut and colour on a manikin

Chrystal’s aim with her design was to use “soft colour and a sharp style”. Working on a manikin had its own challenges. “It was difficult to get the colour right as the bleach reacts differently to the artificial hair on the manikin,” said Chrystal, “but I’m happy with it.”

Chrystal is a single mum of a lively four year old boy, so wears two hats in her life at the moment – as a busy mum, and as a full time student. “It’s tough at times, but it was time for me to look at doing something for myself too,” said Chrystal.

Chrystal wants to gain her qualification and then continue to grow her skills in events, competitions and the catwalk.

patrick conlon unknown hair dresser
Model Sarah Fairy with hair, makeup and costume by Patrick Conlon.

Patrick Conlon – Unknown

“I don’t really have a name for my design, it grew out of the costume which is made from hand-felted wool. I created the underdress, spray-painted the shoes and made the pixie ears. The hair design today just pulled all those elements together really,” said Patrick.

Patrick took quite a career change from being on the path to a career in nursing into starting the hairdressing programme this year. “I always wanted to do something creative, but was worried about finding a job at the end of it,” said Patrick. So when he found that he could combine his creative talent with a vocational programme like hairdressing he took the leap. “I’m really loving it!” he said “I’ve never felt so supported by a teacher before, I’m really happy with my decision.”

Find out more about the New Zealand Certificate in Hairdressing (Salon Support) and the Certificate in Advanced Professional Hairdressing.

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