Aquaculture graduate shares passion for marine environment

Aquaculture graduate shares passion for marine environment

Keith Nolan spoke at the 2018 New Zealand Aquaculture conference in Blenheim on his experience and reasons for choosing a new career in the Aquaculture industry.

He was so entertaining, he might also have a career in comedy.

Keith studied the Bachelor of Aquaculture and Marine Conservation after deciding a career in logistics was no longer stimulating. “I have a passion for everything in the marine environment and enjoy diving, fishing and basically mucking around on boats.”
He said studying Aquaculture at NMIT “opened a lot of doors and exposed me to some great experiences and work placements”.
Highlights from his studies included being taken by helicopter up to the Karamea River to snorkel downstream counting trout with Fish and Game. Helping with a NIWA survey by flying in a Cessna counting recreational fishers. Working with NIWA in Bream Bay with massive broodstock of hapuka and kingfish.
Keith is now working as an Aquaculture Technician at the Cawthron Institute. He said, “I love the pace at which this industry is moving and that there are still so many opportunities to explore new and novel species.”
“My entrepreneurial side is always thinking could we grow this or farm that? While, my conservationist side is proud of the work this industry is doing to reduce its impacts on the environment by working with it instead of against it.”

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