Young Enterprise Scheme E-Day 2017

Young Enterprise Scheme E-Day 2017

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Kicking off the Young Enterprise Scheme for 2017. E-Day will have students fired up about running a business and mentors inspired and in awe of the students creativity and entrepreneurship.

Location: Annesbrook Church Nelson, 40 Saxton Rd, Nelson, 7011.(external link)

Enterprise Day (or E-Day) is the first large format event for the year. Schools will register via the Young Enterprise website(external link) and you will receive a weekly report detailing which schools, along with teacher and contact information attached. (This usually begins in late January – early February).

This day is designed to kick start the students thinking, inspiration, motivation and creativity. It is a fun day but one which will also challenge the students to think about their business model and the necessary critical steps required to make it a success.

For more information see our Facebook event.(external link)


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