Student's zombie film a winner

Student's zombie film a winner

A 19-year-old Bachelor of Arts and Media first-year student from NMIT has beaten some of the best creative talent by winning two major awards in the Top of the South film festival – and shown shades of Sir Peter Jackson in the process.

Ruby Bathan selected a horror theme for her micro movie, packing in eye-popping suspense, blood splatter and zombies.

Like Sir Peter, Ruby has been making films since she was a youngster, fascinated with the art and growing up watching zombie and horror movies with her father.

Her NMIT tutor Will Soward says she’s taken to film-making like a natural and praised her creativity and technical skills.

Judges at the Top of the South film festival were clearly impressed with Ruby’s three-minute micro movie, “Infected,” made as an NMIT class project.

She won the “best editing” prize ahead of other amateur as well as semi-professional film makers, and the prize for “best student film.”

“I guess I’ve just been inspired by all the zombie films in my life. I’m a huge horror fan – all thanks to my dad,” says Ruby.

She came to New Zealand as a seven year-old from Scotland where she was born. Her father is half Burmese and her mother is English.

She says she’s very much a New Zealander, however, finishing at Nelson College for Girls two years ago before having a gap year in Germany and starting the Bachelor of Arts and Media degree at NMIT in February.

Ruby says she loves the editing side of making movies. She isn’t sure where her career will take her, but she does want to be in the film world. “I definitely realised it was a passion this year. It was a hobby before but now I know this is what I really want to do.”

Tutor Will Soward says Ruby’s film will be on social media sites and could get picked up by film societies around the world. 

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