Kiss me hardy

kiss me hardy NMIT arts and literary journal
A Diploma in Writing for Creative Industries arts and literary journal.

This new NMIT and Nelson-focused arts and literary journal started as a class project in semester 2 this year, in the Writing in Context 2 course in which students engage in professional practice in the writing world. This year projects included writing feature articles and reviews for Wild Tomato and arts festival previews for The Nelson Mail, amongst writing other individual projects. At the start of the semester Cliff Fell, the lead tutor suggested it was time NMIT produced some form of literary journal that published student work. The response was initially lukewarm, but about five weeks in to the course, a group of students picked up the idea and ran with it.

So, what’s featured in issue 1 of kiss me hardy? Have a look here(external link).

You’ll find stories, nonfiction, poems and artwork by students past and present and also former staff members, including Lynn Davidson, Brigid Lowry and Jillian Sullivan. At some point we decided to make kiss me hardy a forum in which we’d include images of work by all the final year Bachelor of Arts and Media (BAM) – so it’s a collaborative effort. The journal was designed by Deborah Sax, a writing student taking Graphic Design as an elective, who had no prior experience of working with InDesign.


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