‘It’s a really great vibe'

‘It’s a really great vibe'

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Small class sizes, attentive tutors a winning formula for artist Georgia Elliston

Georgia Elliston always knew she wanted to be an artist. Studying Arts and Media at NMIT has provided her with the tools and confidence to make a career out of her creativity.

“Art was the only pathway I really considered,” Georgia says. “It sounds cliché, but I’ve been doing art since a young age.”

She was attracted to NMIT by the smaller class sizes and the prospect of more one-on-one support and feedback from tutors. She also wanted to stay in Nelson.

After finishing secondary school, the Bachelor of Arts and Media at NMIT was a natural progression for Georgia.

The three-year degree programme provides students with a unique opportunity to experiment with various artistic disciplines, including photography and videography, graphic design, object design, and painting.

Through this explorative and educational process, students identify where they come alive creatively and can choose to focus on a specific medium.

Graduates will be well-prepared to work in a wide range of roles within the arts, design and media industries, or start their own business or studio.

As a painter and photographer, Georgia had the freedom to lean into her strengths and explore other creative fields.

Working closely with NMIT tutors and fellow students, Georgia says she’s learned how to use feedback constructively and become more confident in how she communicates the ideas behind her art.

“Getting to have time with tutors and getting to know my classmates, it’s a really great vibe,” she says.

“The tutors are almost like mentors, based on the one-on-one time they dedicate. They tell you where you’re going wrong. It can feel harsh, but I like criticism that can help you improve rather than sugar-coating it.”

All creative industries students get to use NMIT’s purpose-built, award-winning arts and media facility, which houses the most up-to-date technologies and art studios under one roof.

“Access to the workshop has been great, tools and equipment I won’t get a chance to use again for a while after I finish,” she says.

“In the third year, you have your own space in the studio where you can get yourself setup and spread out. I’ll miss the studio space.”

The final year of the degree programme consists of a major project that ties together research, independent study, and presenting completed works at the end of year BAM exhibition.

Georgia has three artworks in the exhibition that explore the idea of achieving a “harmonious sense of self” in our chaotic modern world.

To anyone considering studying Arts and Media at NMIT, Georgia says she’d tell them to “really make the most of it”.

“I’ve loved it. I was reading about people who struggle to finish a three-year degree, I haven’t experienced that. You have your ups and downs like everything, but I never considered not finishing. Especially as it gets more advanced as you get along, there is always a bit of a challenge.”

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