Creating artisan foods in Culinary Arts

Creating artisan foods in Culinary Arts

Skills in artisan products and cold larder items are a must for any chef.

Over the last month Culinary Arts Level 5 students have learned about classic styles of cookery including advanced cold larder.

The cold larder includes the cold items found on a menu such as hors d'oeuvre, cold fish and cold meat dishes, salads and cold sauces. A cold buffet is common for many catering functions today and having the skills to prepare and present such items or integrate them into a menu is important for future work in the hospitality industry.

bread rising
Plaits Zopf rising, ready for cooking.
different cold larder products for tasting
Spot the terrines, parmesan crostini and Cumberland sauce among the other products created by the students, laid out ready for tasting.
Products sliced and selected, and ready for the all important taste test.

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