Black Knight by Hanxing Huang

Black Knight by Hanxing Huang

Hanxing Huang bachelor of arts and media student
Rebrand project, completed as part of the Bachelor of Arts and Media

When I was eight years old football was the most popular sport in China. In 2002 the Chinese football team made it to the final of the World Cup. As a child, this meant so much to me, and I identified with the successful spirit that was captured by the Chinese team of 2002. In the last 15 years the Chinese football team has lost international competitions. Fans have become disillusioned and people ridicule the team so much so that to say to another Chinese person ‘you are Chinese footballer’ is a form of insult.

I have created a new visual branding for the Chinese football team, Black Knight. My target market is 18 - 30 year old fans and new fans. The aim of the rebrand of the Chinese football team is to give them a new start and a way of capturing something of the spirit of the successful 2002 team.

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