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Drone training

This three-day course taught by GCH UAV is for anyone looking to develop a good understanding of how to fly a drone safely and responsibly within New Zealand and in accordance with the Civil Aviation Rules Parts 101 and 102.

The course is also suitable for a current UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) operator who wants to extend their existing knowledge or anyone intending to fly a drone in a built-up area above 400 feet or at night.

Upon successful completion of the three-day training course, which involves passing the practical and theory tests, the student will receive a “UAS Pilot Certificate (For Part 102 Operations)” recognised by the CAA.

Three-day training courses:

What is the cost of the three-day course?


What can happen if you don’t follow the rules? 

It is very easy to break airspace rules which can result in prosecution, hefty fines or confiscation of your drone by CAA. 

Course outline:

  • Civil Aviation rules that are applicable to you and how to comply with those rules when flying your UAV including interpretation and meaning of CAA Parts (documentation) and specific requirements operators of unmanned aircraft need to follow to meet compliance with regulations 
  • Airspace knowledge about the “upside down wedding cake” areas of the airspace around your region 
  • Flight planning – where you are going to fly, mitigating hazards and protecting your drone from damage or loss and about different airspaces such as controlled and uncontrolled airspace and how restrictions in those airspaces apply to you 
  • You will also learn how to read weather and how this impacts your flying, how to get Air Traffic Control authorisation and how to log your flights on the Airshare website(external link)
  • Guidance and training for reading and understanding Visual Navigation Charts (VNC) 
  • Who to ask for permission from to fly under Civil Aviation Rule Part 101 and 102 
  • NOTAMs (notice to airmen), what they are and when need to file one as a UAV pilot 
  • What it’s like for pilots to fly around drones, case studies and real-life scenarios that help you to make good decisions when flying your drone 
  • Airmanship and rules to help you stay out of trouble with authorities and also keep you and your drone (UAV) safe 
  • Flight operations – learn how your drone works including how to fly a drone, battery care and longevity. 
  • Privacy considerations around people and property 
  • Certified operations rules and expectations 
  • Knowledge testing to meet CAA requirements for certification.

If you have any specific questions regarding the training course, please visit link) and complete their contact form. For any queries regarding the application process please contact NMIT.

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