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RoVE Consultation - Nelson

15 March 2019

There were over 100 attendees at the RoVE consultation sessions held yesterday in Nelson with consistent feedback from the community including:

  • Support for proposals around the ITOs and the funding system
  • The very short time frames for consideration and feedback on the documentation
  • Concern over loss of regional autonomy and the potential loss of brand, skills, expertise and individuality of NMIT.
  • The use of this reform across the sector rather than focussing on underperforming ITPs.
  • The importance of recognising regional interests and the opportunity for our regional interests, needs and the demands of communities, including employers and industry sectors, to be heard and taken account of.
  • NMIT is very successful and we do not want to lose assets and systems built up over years using local knowledge and expertise to a centralised system.
  • The potential impacts on our international programme with the accompanying loss of diversity

Thank you to all those that attended and remember you can still provide feedback on proposals online before 27 March on the Education Conversations website(external link).
Members of the Marlborough community can attend consultation on Monday 25 March between 4.00 – 5.00 pm at the Marlborough District Offices, 15 Seymour Street.

RoVE Consultation Continues

11 March 2019

While the formal RoVE consultation process with officials and members of the community is underway, Chief Executives of the ITPs are also working in the background with officials to help firm up proposals and ensure good outcomes. Last week Liam Sloan, CE of NMIT sat alongside seven other ITP CEs and two officials in a workshop session facilitated by PWC.

The workshop focus was on contributing CE knowledge and expertise to the functional design process, with a specific emphasis on high level optionality for the proposed New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology. It is proposed that the Institute will be formed from a merger of the 16 existing ITPs and it is this key change that NMIT has the most concern over. 

NMIT concerns are around loss of autonomy and the creation of a large administrative function that reduces capacity for nimbleness and flexibility. NMIT also want to make sure funds generated in the Nelson Marlborough region, remain available for the sole use and benefit of the region and that any new structure adopts areas of expertise from each of the ITPs to make the most excellent components already in place, mandatory across the country. 

CEs spent time thinking about the implications of three potential formats - a centralised system, a decentralised system and a regional accountability system in relation to:

  • Governance
  • Funding
  • Curriculum Delivery and Design
  • Operations/business support.

Don't forget, the official RoVE consultation for Nelson Marlborough region will take place in Nelson on Thursday 14 March from 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm at NMIT 322 Hardy Street, Nelson. 

Liam Sloan, CE, NMIT



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