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You may have heard about proposed changes to the tertiary education sector called Reform of Vocational Education, or RoVE.

The proposed changes were announced by Education Minister Chris Hipkins in February and the impact of the proposed reforms will be far reaching.

The proposals are out for consultation with submissions due on 27 March.
There are three key changes proposed as part of RoVE. These are:

  • New roles for providers and industry bodies - current Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) to be replaced with Industry Skills Bodies, with industry skills training rolled into the local ITPs, such as NMIT
  • A New Zealand Institute of Skills & Technology serving all of New Zealand
  • A unified funding system

The RoVE website(external link) has more details about the reform proposals.

NMIT are currently preparing their submission on the proposals which will focus on ensuring that we have clearly identified the areas where both NMIT and our stakeholders support the RoVE proposals and the areas where we have concerns that require clarification or additional information. We also intend to identify future opportunities for NMIT and showcase where and how we are well positioned to take a leadership role in the sector. This will include those subject matters where we are the only national provider or where we are well positioned as a region to take on a leadership role.

We want to make sure that our submission captures the views of our community and to help us with that task we are inviting stakeholders to respond to the survey questions included in the link below.


As a student at NMIT your views are particularly important. The survey will only take a short time and will help to make sure that we better understand the full range of views and where appropriate incorporate these into our submission.

Take part in the survey(external link)

Attend the RoVE consultation meeting

People in a consultation meeting

The official RoVE consultation for our region will take place in Nelson on Thursday 14 March and there will be a drop in session from 2.15 pm to 4.15 pm for students where you can discuss the changes with Ministry of Education representatives.

There will also be a community consultation session from 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm and both sessions will be held in the Kowhai Lounge, N Block, 322 Hardy Street. You are all encouraged to attend, find out more detail and have your views heard.


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