Research underpins the credibility and effectiveness of strong educational organisations and in particular our degree programmes.

We recognise that we need to be at the leading edge of our subject fields, teaching valuable research skills to our students and disseminating knowledge to all of our stakeholders. Evidence based research allows us to continually improve all aspects of what we offer by constantly gathering evidence to determine what works, ensuring continual improvement.

Our research focus is to produce quality-assured, applied research and wherever possible collaborate with enterprise and our community to create economic and social impact. We ensure that we build the academic robustness and credibility of our research, but retain our focus on applied research that benefits our stakeholders.

Developing staff research capabilities

In our new learning delivery approach we define the research aspect of our degree tutor role to ensure research time is protected and available for tutors to engage in high-quality research. Research is integrated into all aspects of the degree tutor role including performance, career progression, development and recruitment. We develop and recruit staff who are committed to research and support them to be as effective as possible, for example by providing time for research, a working environment conducive to research and the opportunity to progress to research professor roles.

Integrating research within our curriculum

We design our degree course offerings to utilise meaningful industry-focused research projects as an educational tool, which directly link our research efforts and our educational provision. We continue to fund research to ensure we grow capability. We are focusing on providing research as a service for industry partners, partially funded through the Callaghan Innovation 33 funding schemes. Although not directly applicable within the next 3 years, NMIT has made a commitment to participate in the 2018 PBRF round with the benefits of both additional research funding and a quality target to strive for.

What kind of research does NMIT do?

  • Most of the research at NMIT is focussed around our degree and diploma programme areas. Key areas include: Aquaculture, Arts & Media, Business, Education, Health, Fitness, Social Sciences, Technology, Tourism, Viticulture & Wine. 
  • There's a strong focus on good quality applied research that is relevant to our community and region. 
  • Our research tends to be more applied than theoretical and tutors and students work on real-world projects to help disseminate information in the community where it can be useful. 
  • Our range of expertise in research is wide-ranging - everything from accounting to aquaculture. Our research links with other institutions in several countries also contribute to developing evidence and guidance on global problems. 
  • We have highly qualified experienced researchers who mentor and assist other staff with research. 

Meet our researchers

Many of NMIT's academic staff are involved in conducting research.

Need some research done?

We encourage you to get in contact to discuss how we may be able to assist with your research needs. There are many ways we can help - ranging from student projects to contract research. We can also assist with accessing government research funding.

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