Staff awards

Every year staff and student have the opportunity to nominate an NMIT staff member for one of the following awards.

NMIT Supporting Learner Success Award

This award is to recognise excellence in supporting learner success at NMIT.

Essential Criteria

Demonstration of NMIT values – Pono; Manaakitanga

General Criteria

  • Has a clear understanding of what contributes to an effective learning experience.
  • Has strategies to acknowledge and address the diversity of learners from different backgrounds and with different needs i.e. Māori learners, Pasifika learners, Youth, International learners.
  • Develops innovative teaching and learning strategies that are appropriate to context and actively engage learners.
  • Supports the wellbeing of learners to build confidence and capability.
  • Dedication and commitment to some or all of the following: Māori advancement, mātauranga Māori perspectives and world views, tikanga and te reo Māori.
  • Creates an environment that is conducive to learning and fosters personal growth and development.
  • Works collaboratively with other team members to support all aspects of a learner’s journey.
  • Induces self-motivation and determination to succeed.
  • Integrates digital technologies by removing barriers to learning, providing increased choices matched to learner needs and interests, and expanding collaboration opportunities.
  • Demonstrates exceptional commitment in working with an individual or group of learners to ensure learner success.

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NMIT Whakaakoranga Kairangi Award for Teaching Excellence

This award is to recognise excellence in teaching practice and sustained excellence, innovation and unique contribution to their role as teacher.

Essential Criteria

Demonstration of NMIT values – Pono; Manaakitanga

General Criteria

  • Is proactive in their professional development as a teacher, whose facilitation of learning is dynamic, reflective and constantly evolving in keeping with current educational theory and practice.
  • Displays enthusiasm for their subject and shares this with their students.
  • Adapts their teaching practice to meet student learning needs in different situations and creates innovative learning opportunities for their students.
  • Encourages the development of their students as learners, encouraging critical thinking, problem solving and challenge that pushes the boundaries of student understanding.
  • Supports students in developing their own authority and “ownership” of acquiring knowledge and experiences as independent learners rather than merely transmitting information.
  • Understands and can demonstrate successful course and/or programme design, including design of authentic assessment and moderation of student learning.
  • Assessment methods, both formative and summative, are valid, embracing of digital technologies (where appropriate) and sufficient avoiding over assessment. 
  • Assessment feedback is timely, high in quality with creative ways used to enhance their students learning.
  • Teaching practice is professionally consistent across time and subject matter.
  • Demonstrates respect for their students as individual learners and holds high and reasonable expectations of them.
  • Consistently applies sound methodologies to evaluating their own effectiveness as a teaching practitioner seeking feedback from both students and colleagues and acting on it.
  • Works collaboratively with others and willingly supports the development of team members.
  • Maintains effective relations with industry, informing their demonstrable focus on applied vocational learning that meets industry needs.

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