Make a formal complaint

How NMIT can help you resolve problems, complaints or disputes

Conflict is an inevitable feature of living and working in an organisational community. When differences arise, NMIT has a number of processes in place for resolving these. 

Informal options

We encourage you to take these steps initially to help resolve the issue:

Formal option

Submitting a formal complaint

Firstly, you may wish to review the Student Problem Resolution Framework(external link) to familiarise yourself with your options for resolving the problem.

You can then choose to submit a Complaint. Download form(external link) or submit online using the form below:

Make a formal complaint online

Please include the names of anyone you have already spoken to regarding the complaint

Please be aware that by submitting this form you will begin the formal complaints process, are you sure you want to continue?


If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the complaints procedure, you may then take your complaint to iStudent Complaints(external link)

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