Become a homestay provider

Do you have a spare room and time to provide a homestay for a student?

Every year, hundreds of students move into local accommodation. At times there are more students than rooms. By becoming a homestay provider you will be helping students and visitors experience the beauty of our region and at the same time reap financial and social  benefits.

Students who are happy and relaxed in their homestay are able to study and achieve their full potential. They make friends, are happy to learn our culture, will enjoy a variety of activities and have fun exploring Nelson and sometimes further afield. 

Our friendly ‘kiwi kindness’ helps international students get through the first difficult weeks as they adjust to a new culture, strange accents, different values, foreign food, weather, people, houses, teaching methods, rules and ways of doing things.

Photo of international student in a homestay
Having an international student is a great way to learn about new cultures

Interested in becoming a provider?

We have partnered with Host Families NZ to assist you in organising your accommodation homestay accommodation. Host Families NZ welcomes any form of families who is responsible and able to provide a caring home environment to students and visitors.

There is no typical host family and each family at Host Families NZ is different and unique. Some families are single individuals, some are couples with young children or teenagers, whereas some families are couples with no children currently living at home.

If you are willing to provide a home away from home for students/visitors staying in New Zealand, apply now!

What is involved?

  • Provide a home environment
  • Provide care for the student
  • Provide a reasonable use of the internet, water, and electricity
  • Provide a private and furnished bedroom
  • Provide laundry facilities
  • Provide breakfast and dinner on weekdays
  • Provide breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends and public holidays

Applying to become a homestay provider

Visit the Host Families NZ website(external link) for more information and to apply.

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