Finding the right accommodation is very important for the success of your studies. NMIT’s International Support staff can assist you to organise your Auckland accommodation.

Boarding Establishments

These are located in the central city within easy walking distance (1 km or under) to the campus with individual or shared rooms available. Toilets are either shared on each floor or available in the rooms. There are common kitchen facilities and laundry facilities in the building for students to use. Internet via Wi-Fi will be available at additional charge as well. There will be a small bond for this option, which will be around 2 to 3 weeks rent that will be refunded when student changes the accommodation and there is no damage to the premises. Water and electricity is generally included in the rent.


These are single or double bedroom apartments in the city. Typically shared between two or more flatmates. They have their own kitchen, toilets etc. You will have initial establishment costs (bonds and rent advance) to pay, then you will pay a weekly or monthly rent. Electricity, internet, water and cooking costs are additional.

View a list of current accommodation options(external link)


This is usually with host families located in suburbs around Auckland CBD. You will be provided a separate room in the house with shared facilities like toilets and kitchen.

Your homestay will be no more than 3 stages away from campus - each stage is roughly 4km. As Auckland is a big city, and our campus in located near the centre, most homes are at least 2 stages from campus.

Accommodation is $300 per week (non-negotiable) and includes;

  • A private bedroom
  • 2 meals per day - Monday to Friday
  • 3 meals per day - Saturday and Sunday

Helping you to find a homestay is Auckland Homestay Services Ltd, they specialise in matching you with the best accommodation option. The placement fee is $280.00.

How to apply

  1. Download and complete the Accommodation request form.(external link)
  2. Ensure you have read the Conditions of registration shown on the registration form
  3. Scan and email your application form to Auckland Homestay
  4. The team at Auckland Homestay Services Ltd will then be in touch with you to complete your request
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