Nursing is a hugely rewarding and challenging career

NMIT’s Health and Wellbeing programmes offer training for those wishing to work in nursing, health, counselling and social work fields. The enthusiasm and learning interest of our students, combined with quality tuition and practical clinical and placement experiences result in work ready graduates and make this a great place to study. Our graduates have a 100 per cent pass rate on the state finals exam, one of the prerequisites to becoming a registered nurse. 

Our staff are passionate about people and are talented, highly qualified professionals in their own fields. Our educational philosophy is based upon supporting students’ development and enhancing their ability to make caring professional judgements based on sound professional knowledge. We aim to educate individuals to be self-directive, to think critically and to be able to develop a critical awareness of self, society and their intended profession.

Learning occurs in a climate where each student is challenged and enabled to fully pursue individual potential. Knowledge is developed through inquiry based practice. We aim to facilitate critical thinking and wise decision-making and support the learner’s active participation in the process.

Education should expose students of social sciences to alternative ways of viewing the world, as they will be working with people with different world views.

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